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Thursday 19 March 2015

Strane "Uncut" is the strongest Gin*

We have recently launched Strane "Uncut" in the UK. At 75.3% vol., Strane "Uncut" is the strongest commercially available gin.

How do we know Strane "Uncut" is the strongest gin? Well first of all we are not aware of another gin which is stronger.

Secondly, David T Smith of Summer Fruit Cup, who has reviewed over 300 gins, is also not aware of a stronger commercially available gin. Interestingly David notes in his review of Strane "Uncut" that the previous holders of the title would be Blackwoods and Finsbury, both at 60% Vol. for unaged gin, and for aged gin, an Alambic bottling.  

Thirdly, Strane "Uncut" is the strongest gin available at The Feathers Hotel, a hotel which offers a choice of 264 different gins.  

Fourthly we have enjoyed some coverage of Strane "Uncut" in the drinks press over the last couple of days, and so far no one has come forward to say another brand is stronger!

So Strane "Uncut" would appear to be the strongest available gin in the UK, if not the world. I doubt we will hold the title for long. Someone somewhere is probably working on something as I type. It has not been our intention to start a ‘strength race’, "Uncut"’s release has led from the unusual way Strane gin is created; three differently balanced base gins; junipery, citrusy and herbal, are distilled and then blended to create different expressions in bottle; Merchant Strength 47.4% vol., Navy Strength 57.1% vol. and now “Uncut”. With the blending taking place before the addition of water, the distiller Pär Caldenby, regularly samples and noses Strane gin at receiver strength.  Pär simply felt Strane in its uncut form was ‘too good to hold back’. With an increasingly crowded gin shelf we need to shout about what is different, and with Strane "Uncut", it is the strength.

Strane Uncut will only be produced in limited quantities. Intriguingly as it is over 70% alcohol, our order was shipped from Sweden as Dangerous Goods, or to be more precise as ‘UN3065 / Alcoholic Beverage / Class 3/ PG (packaging group) II in limited quantities'. This, as you probably guessed, costs extra.

Whilst exceptionally strong, Pär suggests trying Strane “Uncut” neat, ice cold, in very small sips, with a glass of water on the side. At first it will be (relatively) discreet due to the ice, then progressively increase in strength of character and power, until it simply goes into gin overdrive. With “Uncut” there is a mighty surge of power and strength of character, and it is rich in juniper, lemon peel, sage and mint. Strane “Uncut” is not an everyday gin, but a remarkable experience for gin lovers. Of course you are also welcome to experiment with Strane "Uncut" in your favourite cocktail.

Strane “Uncut” is now available to try at The Feathers Hotel in Oxford, the first bar outside Sweden to offer this extraordinary gin. A limited number of bottles are also available to purchase from Drinkfinder (Constantine Stores), Gauntleys of Nottingham and Master of Malt.


Strane at The Feathers