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Highfern Portfolio

Thursday 2 July 2020

Angels helping to protect the Cairngorms

So here it is, our new Angels' Nectar Cairngorms Edition, our Single Cask Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky bottled at 46% in partnership with the Cairngorms Trust to support environmental and community projects in the Cairngorms National Park.

Its a traditional Speyside dram with demerara sugar and gingerbread on the nose, which opens on the taste to reveal dried tropical fruit and a hint of marzipan. It is a limited edition of 263 bottles.

A donation from each bottle sold will go towards the Cairngorms Trust, whose vision is to encourage sustainable and community led development, which enhances wildlife conservation, outdoor recreation and cultural heritage in the Cairngorms National Park. Recent projects the Cairngorms Trust have assisted include improving habitat to encourage breeding ospreys and mountain footpath restoration.

With an area larger than Luxembourg, the Cairngorms National Park, is the UK’s largest National Park, but home to just 18000 people. Endangered wildlife resident in the park include capercaillie, wildcats, golden eagles, and black grouse. Four of the UK’s five highest mountains are in the park, but perhaps more importantly for whisky lovers, the headwaters of the River Spey are located within the park. 

For those who are missing the opportunity to get out and about in the Cairngorms this summer, what could be better than enjoying this taste of the Cairngorms at home. 

Available now from Balliefurth Farm Shop, the newly reopened Speyside Centre, and online from The Whisky Castle and our own on-line store.

Angels' Nectar Cairngorms Edition

Wednesday 8 April 2020

New on-line store

We, Highfern Ltd, the proprietors of Angels' Nectar Whisky, and UK importers of Langatun Swiss Single Malt Whisky, Smögen Swedish Single Malt Whisky, Strane Gin, Kinghaven Rum, and Seven Seals Whisky, now have our own on-line cellar door shop. You will find it at www.highfern.co.uk. Do please take a look, and let the Angels deliver your next bottle. (Yes, that is the address formerly used for this blog, which will continue but at the direct address https://highfern.blogspot.com).


Sunday 29 March 2020

How to make the perfect hot toddy

If ever there was a time for a Hot Toddy, that time is now. 

With its sweet fruity flavour and hints of honey and lemon, Angels' Nectar Original makes a great base for a Hot Toddy. So here is our rough guide for the perfect Hot Toddy. 

Find your favourite mug. Add one large measure of our Angels’ Nectar Original, a healthy dollop of heather honey, and a good squeeze of fresh lemon. Fill to the brim with hot water, stir and enjoy.


Perfect Hot Toddy

Monday 17 February 2020

Just Landed: Smögen Primör Revisited

We have just received a shipment from Smögen which includes the new Smögen Primör Revisited.

Established in 2010, Smögen bottled their first whisky, Smögen Primör in 2013, from a series of quarter casks. Those heavily roasted French Oak casks were refilled with Smögen’s trademark heavily peated spirit, and have now, after six years maturation, been bottled as Primör Revisited at cask strength of 68.2%. This is a big powerful whisky with peat that is earthy on the nose, but on the taste is peppery as it dances on your tongue. 

For independent reviews check out Malt Review, and in Swedish, check out En Liten Whiskyblogg and Tjeders Whisky. Look for Smögen Primör Revisited at Hedonism Wines, Gauntleys of NottinghamMaster of Malt, Nickolls and Perks, Shop4Whisky and The Whisky Exchange


Smögen Primör Revisted 68.2% Vol. 

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Seven Seals and Langatun triumph in the World Whiskies Awards

In last weeks World Whiskies Awards, hosted by Whisky Magazine, three of the whiskies we import from Switzerland picked up awards. 
Seven Seals Sherry Wood Finish 46% was awarded Gold and named Category Winner in the No Age Statement Swiss Single Malt category. In the same category Seven Seals Port Wood Finish 46% won Silver. 
Meanwhile not to be outdone, Langatun Old Bear 40% received the Gold Award in the Swiss Single Malt 12 Years and under category.

Time for a Swiss Dram!

Friday 27 September 2019

Just Landed: Seven Seals Whisky

‘Time doesn’t matter, Taste matters’- prepare for a whisky experience that challenges your preconceptions. 

Pushing the boundaries in the innovation of whisky making, the team at Seven Seals whisky in Stans, Switzerland, have taken the craft of whisky finishing to the next level, and developed a new technique to accelerate maturation.  

Led by chemical engineer and entrepreneur Dr Dolf Stockhausen, the team at Seven Seals analysed the chemical interactions that take place during the maturation process. Following extensive experimentation they then developed a new process, which reduces the time required for maturation. Patents for their new technique are currently pending with the Swiss Federal Patent Office, and thus the full details must remain confidential. 

The new formula allows Seven Seals to produce Single Malts in record time, and in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner, without sacrificing quality, aroma or character, an approach summed up in their strap line ‘Time doesn’t matter, Taste matters’.

For their inaugural releases Seven Seals have finished spirit produced by other Swiss whisky distillers. The Seven Seals collection of Swiss Single Malts features the Port Wood Finish, a dynamic whisky with hints of honey, dried fruit and gingerbread, the Peated Port Wood Finish, which delivers peat with spice, and the Sherry Finish, a sweet whisky with all the flavours of a Christmas market. All are bottled at natural colour, at 46%, and are also offered at Cask Proof. 

Whisky distilling is a craft that has evolved over time. With increased production and reduced availability of the best casks, innovation is required to continue to improve quality. The team at Seven Seals believe they have found that elusive formula for the future of whisky.  They have already been recognized for their efforts, winning the Innovation Award in the Swiss Whisky Awards. 

Looking to the future Seven Seals are planning to build their own distillery at Luzern, Switzerland, and are aiming to start distillation in 2020. 

For a chance to taste, Seven Seals Whisky is launching in the UK at The Whisky Show in London on the 28th and 29th September.  Amongst others Seven Seals Whisky will be available from Master of Malt, Shop4Whisky and The Whisky Exchange. For more do visit 7sealswhisky.com, and check out their ad here

Seven Seals Whisky

Friday 20 September 2019

Introducing our new Angels' Nectar Islay Edition

We are excited to announce the release of our new Islay Edition. 

Bottled at 47% the Angels’ Nectar Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Islay Edition is dominated by a gentle island peat smoke, which on the taste is a touch more medicinal than the Rich Peat Edition. Exploring further reveals a biscuity sweetness and a hint of beeswax. This whisky has been matured for five years in former bourbon barrels. 

Our intention with Angels’ Nectar is to release a series of small batch releases which showcase different styles of Scotch Whisky, something which takes time. Having more or less sold out of the Rich Peat Edition, as its successor we have selected a parcel of Islay single malt casks to bottle as our new peat smoke expression. Celebrating inconsistency we have bottled the Islay Edition as a single malt (as opposed to Blended Malt), at a higher strength, and in a new improved bottle.  

Whilst there have been Angels’ Nectar single cask releases in Germany and the Netherlands, this is the first Angels’ Nectar single malt release in the UK. Following the lead of the Angels, as with previous releases, the Islay Edition has been bottled at natural colour and is non chill filtered. 

For a chance to taste, Angels’ Nectar will be exhibiting at The Whisky Show in London on the 28th and 29th September, and at the Alhambra Whisky Festival, Stirling, on the 5th of October. Stockists of the new Angels’ Nectar Islay Edition, which has a RRP of £49.50, include BalliefurthDrambusters and Shop4whisky. Export orders are also already en-route to L'Explorateur du Goût in France, Haromex in Germany and Whisky Tartan in Netherlands. 

Angels' Nectar Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Islay Edition