Highfern Portfolio

Highfern Portfolio

Wednesday 9 May 2018

Angels' Nectar Whisky Caching round up!

The sweep team have been out this morning to collect the Angels' Nectar Whisky Caches, and bring them back to Angel HQ. Many congratulations to all that found our caches. 

A special thank you to Brenda and Denis, who not only found every cache, but despite finding one cache empty, left something for those following in their footsteps. The Angels will remember you!


Saturday 5 May 2018

Angels' Nectar Whisky Caching - Tomintoul Spoiler

Tomintoul Spoiler: The cache is located at the 'Still', one of the Snowroad installations, on the Tomintoul to Grantown road. There is a photo post, look over the wall from that, and you should find the cache under a small pile of stones.

Friday 4 May 2018

Angels' Nectar Whisky Caching - Grantown spoiler

#Grantown Spoiler: Take the Viewpoint walk from near the caravan park.  Find Carn a Chille Chearr on the viewpoint (more or less due east). The Angels’ Nectar Whisky Cache is hidden behind a rock in that direction, approx 16 paces.

Thursday 3 May 2018

Angels' Nectar Whisky Caching - Dufftown spoiler

Dufftown Spoiler: Take the Speyside way from Dufftown along the old railway line towards Craigellachie. On your right you’ll pass the former Convalmore distillery. A short distance after the last whisky warehouse there is a bench overlooking the River Fiddich. From there continue for approx 100 paces until the old railway line goes over a culvert. On your left there is a distinctive tree with numerous tree trunks, and nestling between them you should find the cache.  
The Ordnance Survey grid reference is 318433 on sheet 28.