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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Strane "Uncut" just got Stronger

The second batch of the exceptionally strong Strane “Uncut” London Dry Gin, bottled at 76% vol., from pioneering Swedish distiller Smögen Whisky AB is now available in the UK. At 76% vol., Batch 2 is stronger than the 75.3% vol. of Batch 1, and thus we believe this is strongest gin available in the UK.

Strane is created in a 100 litre copper pot still with worm tub condensers, at the Smögen Distillery. Established in 2010, Smögen was one of the first distilleries in Sweden to produce Single Malt Whisky.  Unusually Strane is created by distilling three differently balanced base gins; junipery, citrusy and herbal, and then blending to create different expressions in bottle; Merchant Strength 47.4% vol., Navy Strength 57.1% vol. and “Uncut”.  With the blending taking place before the addition of water, the distiller and proprietor Pär Caldenby, regularly tastes ‘uncut’ gin, and felt ‘it is too good to hold back’, which led to this unusually high strength bottling.

Whilst exceptionally strong, Pär suggests savouring Strane “Uncut” neat, ice cold, in very small sips, with a glass of water on the side. At first it will be discreet due to the ice, then progressively increase in strength of character and power, until it simply goes into juniper overdrive.

Smögen have not set out to start a 'strength race', more the exceptional strength of Strane “Uncut” reflects the unusual way Strane Gin is produced, borrowing techniques from whisky production. Blending is common practice in whisky, and in some ways Strane “Uncut” is a similar concept to Cask Strength whisky. The result is exceptional, and an experience for gin enthusiasts to savour with care and respect. 

Strane “Uncut” Batch 2 is available to try at bars including the Old Bridge Inn in Aviemore, the Greenroom in Perth, the Jolly Botanist in Edinburgh and the Lazy Lounge in Leeds. Or for a bottle amongst others visit J.L. Gill of Crieff, Gauntleys of Nottingham, Master of Malt and Shop4Whisky

Strane Uncut - The Strongest Gin

Friday 9 October 2015

Angels' Nectar wins Scottish Creative Award for Illustration

We are pleased to report some fantastic news from last night’s Scottish Creative Awards. Our designers, Pocket Rocket Creative, won the Illustration Award for their wonderful work on our label for Angels' Nectar. 

Our brand takes the much loved story of the Angels’ Share from whisky folklore and presents it in a contemporary fashion. At the core of our label for Angels’ Nectar sits an Angel shaped ethereal mist within which a series of smaller Angels can be seen enjoying their share. Getting the tone and feel of the illustration and label right was essential, and we are delighted with the result. It is fantastic that illustrator Brett Breckon and the team at Pocket Rocket Creative have been recognized publically for their efforts. 

For more on the awards, hosted by The Drum, please see www.scottishcreativeawards.com

The winning design, and the prize!